Kegged Cocktails

BarCraft is South Africa’s leading producer of premium keg cocktails for events, venues or even to be enjoyed at home. By producing cocktails in kegged form, we have the simplest, most consistent cocktail solution that is suitable for any event.

Our kegs come in 10L, 20L & 30L sizes and are able to pour over 30 cocktails per minute. By producing cocktails in this form we ensure the preservation of flavour and quality through the carbonation process. It also means that every cocktail served will be fresh, cold and consistent.

Our company is passionate about producing quality products, using the freshest in locally sourced ingredients. Every keg consists of only premium liquors and fresh fruit and juices, without the use of chemical preservatives and store-bought syrups. As such our cocktails are unique in taste, freshness and consistency. BarCraft caters to a variety of tastes, styles and markets, creating specialized cocktail creations personalized to the needs of each event. This includes non-alcoholic, sugar-free and specialized liquor drinks

Our 101 Cocktail Range

This is our classic range of timeless cocktails that never go out of season. The name ‘101’ comes from these cocktails being the most popular serves in South African bars, the first ones everyone thinks of when they order a cocktail. A little secret, we also have 101 cocktails in each keg, one extra for our master mixologists to taste each keg is up to standard!

Our Seasonal Range

Our Speciality Cocktails Range

Our Non-Alchoholic Range

Create Your Own Cocktails

If you have your own cocktail in mind, please feel free to create your own personalized keg. Simply send us the type of alcohol and the ingredients you would like to add below and we will contact you with a quote. Additionally, if you would like us to create a personalized cocktail for you, simply send us your ideas, and our mixologists will arrange a tasting with you to choose your specific drink.